Presentations That Position You To Sell

Did you know that only about 10% of the population loves public speaking?

I want you to be able to speak at events or present to your clients with competency and mastery.  The world needs to hear your knowledge and expertise.  Talks or presentations, informal or formal, offer opportunities to help others -- and to build deep relationships with your community.

These speaking engagements build business opportunities.  It would be shame to turn them away because of fear and lack of confidence to deliver.

I envision a world in which nutritionists, health and wellness professionals can teach, share, and motivate their community through informal and formal talks and presentations.

Once you understand how to design and deliver presentations in a way that feels ...

  • authentic
  • free of pressure
  • helpful and supportive


  • signups
  • clients
  • engagement
  • revenue

When can you start?  We're not quite ready but if you enter your name and email below, we'll get in touch when we have more information.

This will be a live workshop held in Toronto.  Location and date TBA.