Personal Coaching

Personal Coaching

Does this sound like you?

  • You have your website up. Check.
  • You're doing the social media thing. Check.
  • You're networking with people in your profession. Check.

But, all you hear are crickets chirping... No potential customers calling or emailing you to say they want your products or services.

My one-to-one coaching services are designed to show you how to turn every interaction (in person or online) into a moneymaking opportunity:  a client opportunity.  No pushy or insincere strategies. I promise.  I'll take you through the process of building your client base through sales and marketing strategies that I've taught hundreds of successful professionals how to use.  I teach you what to do and most importantly, HOW to do it.

Fact:  Sales generate revenue.

Fact:  Your sales approach will sound sincere because you care about your potential customers' situation.

We will get laser focused on the areas that you need most support.

Selling can be scary and no one wants to sound like a cheesy sales person.  I will give you the confidence to sell without feeling as though you're selling.  No canned sales pitches or pushy strategies.

Everyone has a different starting point and that's okay.  We work as partners toward achieving your business goals.  

Selling skills are critical to your success.  All your interactions count -- whether you casually meet someone and talk about what you do, or you intentionally approach potential customers, partners or sponsors.  The conversations you have should lead to "yes, I want to do business with you."  

Wait! There are more moneymaking opportunities.  Upselling for additional revenue is essential too.  Perhaps your existing customer base can benefit from other services you offer?  We can examine what, when and how to upsell.

I will objectively analyze your selling approach as well as your marketing strategies and messages.

I can address sales and marketing from several directions:


  • How to set yourself up for success by establishing your "sweet spot"
  • Why identifying your ideal client profile will give you the quickest return on your time
  • How to establish clear guidelines around building products and services for your clients
  • Why the 'no pressure' sales approach is the only way to go
  • How to increase your perceived value through strategic partnerships
  • How small website adjustments can have a big financial impact

Lead Building

  • How to leverage your existing client base for more revenue
  • The best lead and data sources that will give you the quickest return on your time and fill your sales funnel
  • How to use the Internet to find strategic partnerships that align with your brand

Prospecting & Questioning Skills

  • How understanding your clients' personality style is imperative and why it will give you big results along the sales process
  • Whether by phone or email, we'll look at exactly what to say to secure an appointment with prospects or partners
  • The one strategy you must know to get prospects or potential partners to return your call
  • How to handle roadblock situations and my practical work-around strategies
  • How to uncover client needs through my customized questioning skills
  • Understanding why not every prospect or partnership situation is a good fit
  • How to have a graceful disengagement conversation if the client situation isn't right


  • How to present your products and services
  • The "So What?" factor
  • Why you never want to compete on price and what to do instead
  • How to deal with potential client concerns
  • The right time to upsell and how to upsell using my easy 3-step strategy


  • The tried and true strategies to get clients to buy
  • How to handle the "'no, I'm not interested in your..."
  • Why there's no shame in asking for referrals and how to do it tactfully

Bonus Materials:

  • Done for you worksheets to make your life a heck of a lot easier
  • Step-by-step models and processes so you know exactly how to approach different situations
  • Clear scripts so you can get the conversations started with your target audience
  • A 15-minute complimentary follow-up call from yours truly to check in and offer advice

When we 'meet' on a webinar, one-to-one, we'll get the learning started....

I can't wait to go on this journey with you!

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