Keynotes / Speaking

Keynotes / Speaking

Are you interested in hiring a speaker that teaches, motivates, inspires, and delivers on the practical step-by-step processes to build a thriving nutrition and wellness business?

Hire me if you're looking for a session that is...

  • Relevant, pragmatic and compelling
  • Big on practical tools, the how-to's and day-to-day applications
  • Fresh on ideas and content
  • Interactive and engaging 

I close each session with concrete plans detailing the exact next steps to build your business.

People that have worked with me say I'm down-to-earth, real, passionate, and knowledgeable, and that my energy and enthusiasm are contagious.  You know why? Because I cannot think of anything I would rather be doing. I love teaching people how to succeed.  It's that simple.

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Select from some of my most impactful sessions below - or contact me to discuss your unique needs.

Presentations That Position You To Sell!
Design and deliver presentations that encourage your audience to buy your products and services on the spot without manipulative or aggressive techniques. The audience will learn:

  • The 3-part process to developing, designing and delivering a presentation that sells.
  • The principles of a memorable presentation that leaves your audience delighted and you in profit.
  • The easy tweaks in the delivery that engages and inspires the audience.
  • The common mistakes and how to avoid them to build trust.
  • The strategies that help the audience buy now without sneaky or pitchy techniques.


Networking for Business Building
How to strategically and purposefully grow your audience using online and offline strategies.  Learn how-to tips and tricks that will attract your ideal clientele.