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Work With Me

Nutrition and wellness entrepreneurs have a passion for health and wellness but are not always prepared with the skills for building a business. 

You may feel stuck because if you consider yourself a compassionate and caring nutrition and wellness business owner you want to work with sincerity and authenticity.  Have no fear – I'm here to help you implement relevant and uncomplicated revenue generating strategies while staying true to your values.

Whether you hire me for one-on-one consulting or follow one of my programs, my purpose is to ensure you create raving fans that buy and recommend your services over and over again.



  • Personal Coaching
  • One-to-One
  • My one-to-one coaching services are designed to show you how to turn every interaction (in person or online) into a moneymaking opportunity: a client opportunity. No pushy or insincere strategies. I promise. I'll take you through the process of building your client base through sales and marketing strategies that I've taught hundreds of successful professionals how to use. I teach you what to do and most importantly, HOW to do it.
  • Online Learning Program
  • Video Course
  • These are the business skills you were not taught in school. I’ll show you how to be a successful entrepreneur so that you can make money. I offer comprehensive learning modules to help you turn your business dreams into reality.

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  • Workshop - Live Event
  • Presentations That Position You To Sell
  • Did you know that only about 10% of the population loves public speaking?

    I want you to be able to speak at events or present to your clients with competency and mastery. The world needs to hear your knowledge and expertise. Speaking engagements or presentations, informal or formal, offer opportunities to help others -- and to build deep relationships with your community.
  • Keynotes & Speaking
  • Live Event
  • Are you interested in hiring a speaker that teaches, motivates, inspires, and delivers on the practical step-by-step processes to build a thriving nutrition and wellness business?

    Hire me if you're looking for a session that is...
    Relevant, pragmatic and compelling
    Big on practical tools, how-to's and day-to-day applications
    Fresh on ideas and content
    Interactive and engaging

Connect With Me

Lucy Dias Sinicropi
Toronto, Ontario

+1 (647) 926-0960

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