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One of the things I get most excited about (other than green smoothies) is collaborating with smart, successful women.  

I met Julie at an event she hosted at her wellness studio, Jule’s Wellness.  She’s so striking with her infectious energy, business smarts and know-how. 

Since our first encounter I knew I could count on Julie for inspiration and sound business advice.  Where does all this business experience come from?

Today she shares her experiences from the businesses she owns and as an entrepreneur.  We’re talking about the highs and lows of owning a business, how to stay motivated when you feel overwhelmed and if having it all is possible?


LDS:  Tell us about yourself.

Julie:  I’m a wife, mom, wellness lover and serial entrepreneur.  I love a good a laugh and have a silly side, which not everyone understands.  I’m an A-type personality and love working.  On weekends, I love nothing more than to get a good workout in and spend time lounging.  I have great girlfriends and an awesome support system.  I love to travel.  I have a computer science background but didn’t pursue it.  Not one into adventure, usually play it safe.   I dislike wasting time or money.  I am also super-sensitive and go with my ‘gut’.

What sparked your interest in health and wellness?

I was an athlete in my early adolescence but I temporarily lost that in my early 20s.  It wasn’t until my first pregnancy that I regained my love for fitness and with that came my newfound love for nutrition.   I want nothing but the best for my girls, and I know the foundation for an awesome life is a love for health and wellness.

You seem to have endless ideas.  Where do your ideas come from?

I have constant need to be busy and move forward and am always looking at ways to be innovative and be different.  I am a detail-oriented person and I'm always absorbing my environment. I’m on a constant quest to be efficient which forces me to be thoughtful and innovative.  

What advice would you give someone starting a business?

This is a tough one. Entrepreneurs are a unique type.  No education can prepare you, and not everyone is cut out for it.  It’s scary, lonely and insanely challenging. It’s not just about an idea, hard work or a skill.  It’s a complicated formula and never linear.   Expect to make mistakes.  You mustn’t have an ego. Nurture your relationships.  Network. Be authentic.  Make sure you love it. But know you won’t love all of it.  Learn to do as many things as possible as you won’t be able to afford everything. Use digital programs and the cloud. Google, Google, Google. Find a mentor, or three.

Bottom line: expect to work 12+ hours days / 7 days a week. 

As an entrepreneur it can get overwhelming, how do you stay motivated?

I have lots of great mentors, most of which are other entrepreneurs. .  I also avoid failure at all costs.  If I throw myself into something, I do it to the best of my ability.  I cry and have my little ‘freak outs’ – yes this is bound to happen and is healthy.  I innovate because new ideas give me a fresh goal and focus.  I also remember what I’ve invested - time and money, lots of time and money.  Oh and course, I am motivated for my daughters. 

Who inspires you?

My daughters. They are two of the most amazing people, and they are only 5 and 6.5. My friends. Small business owners, as well as female entrepreneurs who have built empires. People who have overcome setbacks and worked hard for success.  

Is having work-life balance possible?

I don’t believe there is such thing as balance. If you put 100% into your business, there isn’t anything left for you, your family or your personal life.  Something has got to give.  Always.  You can make peace with your situation, which can feel like balance.  I believe balance is a state-of-mind.  With your time, energy and resources, it is very hard to achieve balance. You can definitely get to a place where you have more balance, but that won’t be in the first 3-5 years of your business, especially if you want it to grow.

I know you love healthy eating, what are the ingredients you can’t live without?

Vegetables, salads, frozen berries, protein powder, and organic meats. My body requires a good amount of protein. I prefer vegetables to fruit and I don’t love grains. Lemons, ginger and ghee are necessary. I also love oil, vinegar and sea salt.


- LDS 


Julie Tadeson is the founder of Jule's Baskets and Jule's Wellness, Toronto-based wellness businesses specializing in thoughtfully curated wellness products and services.  Check her out on Instagram @jules_wellness  and @julesbaskets