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Q + A with Wellness Leader, Julie Tadeson

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One of the things I get most excited about (other than green smoothies) is collaborating with smart, successful women.  

I met Julie at an event she hosted at her wellness studio, Jule’s Wellness.  She’s so striking with her infectious energy, business smarts and know-how. 

Since our first encounter I knew I could count on Julie for inspiration and sound business advice.  Where does all this business experience come from?

Today she shares her experiences from the businesses she owns and as an entrepreneur.  We’re talking about the highs and lows of owning a business, how to stay motivated when you feel overwhelmed and if having it all is possible?

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3 Myths About Networking, Busted

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The concept of reaching out to people is a lost art.  As entrepreneurs we get so busy (and comfortable) working in our online bubble that we don’t make time for networking events. Networking at events or conferences is where the magic happens: where business relationships form and transform.

I’m here to help you make meaningful connections at your next networking event.

Myth #1:  “I’ll wing it when I get there.”

You can wing it but you’re potentially wasting your time at the event.  Start networking before the event. 

·        Find out who is attending and decide whom it is you want to meet in person.  Research and follow them on social media. 

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All Doodles Eat Kale + Mnemonic Devices

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Some doodles do eat kale but that’s not the point of this post.

As holistic practitioners, a significant part of your role is to teach clients. You teach them what they should and should not do relative to their condition or goals.

I have a teaching technique that I want to share with you.  It works like a charm and your clients will love it.  If appropriate, use mnemonic devices when you are having teaching moments with clients. Mnemonic devices are a way of reorganizing information so that the information is simpler and more meaningful and ultimately, more easily remembered.  It helps the information stick.  This technique is really quite useful and you'll look like a rockstar.  Okay, maybe rockstar is pushing it but you're showing value.  This kind of value is intangible but holds a lot of weight with clients.

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