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Business Skills for Nutrition and Wellness Professionals

I envision a world in which nutritionists, health and wellness professionals can teach, share, and motivate their community. Through their collective voice they will strengthen their position in the medical landscape.

Like you, I have an insatiable interest in health and wellbeing. So much so that I’ve combined my two loves: adult learning and nutrition to empower wellness professionals and achieve this goal.

You have the passion and vigor. Check. Now you need the business skills to build your business and create demand for your products and services. You are not alone. This is where most entrepreneurs fail, close “shop” and hang up a “closed forever” sign.

I can help you. My purpose is to change that – to help nutrition and wellness professionals, like you, hone your business skills and put them to use – towards executing on your passion. In my work training more than a thousand managers at organizations across the country, I’ve found that you can’t train passion but you can always teach skills to be successful.

I am passionate about teaching entrepreneurs like you exactly how to sell and market using offline and online strategies and, as a result, your business will thrive and your services and products will be in demand. Whether it is defining your target market, creating short and long-term business programs, prospecting for new business strategies, or designing and delivering presentations that engage the audience, I will work with you to turn your health business into a moneymaking business.

Join me on your passion-to-profit journey. Everyone has a different starting point and that’s okay. I’ve worked with people with diverse experiences and goals, and can attest that even the most skeptical discover personal and professional growth in working with me.

Lucy Dias Sinicropi
  • Highly Flexible and Responsive

    "Lucy possesses masterful people leadership and strategic thinking skills. She is highly flexible, responds to the needs of her learners and all with a great sense of humor. I am very grateful to Lucy for her effective coaching and development."

    image Anita B.
  • Transformational

    "Lucy is an intuitive trainer and her one-to-one coaching sessions are transformational. Time spent with her promise value and inspiration."

    image Mitch H.
  • Delivers Clear Key Messages

    "Lucy is an absolute pleasure to work with. She has strong business acumen, is professional and poised at all times. Lucy has an incredible ability to deliver key messages in a clear manner - regardless of the complexity of the content. She keeps people challenged and engaged at the same time."

    image Leanne M.
  • Natural Ability to Connect

    "I feel energized and inspired whenever I attend any of Lucy’s workshops. She has a natural ability to connect with people and always keep learners engaged."

    image Martha W.
  • Concept to Culture

    "Lucy is passionate and eager to teach and coach those who have a desire to hone their skills. She has a fine tuned ability to take a concept and nurture it and turn it into a sales culture. She has been instrumental in shaping sales culture forward and I would not hesitate to recommend her in any area of training and development."

    image Lina T.
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Connect With Me

Lucy Dias Sinicropi
Toronto, Ontario

+1 (647) 926-0960

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